Rapid Weight Loss: GM Diet = 5-7 kgs in 7 days!

The GM Diet was ideally designed for the employees of General Motors, hence the name. The diet program guarantees weight loss of five to seven kilograms in seven days. The diet advises you to consume items from several food categories over the course of seven days. Compared to other diets, it claims to lose more weight in a shorter period of time.

Not only is the GM diet plan believed to aid in weight loss, but it also has other health benefits, such as better digestion, body cleansing, and the ability to burn body fat later on. to increase.

For the majority of its adherents, the GM diet has proven beneficial. This is because the diet consists of low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables. Even foods with negative calories are included in the diet. These foods require more calories to break down than you provide. Also, since they are high in water content, the foods listed help cleanse the body. The dose can be repeated, but there should be an interval of five to seven days between each session.

Here's the diet plan that is followed in GM diet plan:

Day 1: Any fruit except banana. Fruit is available in as many servings as you like. Melons are recommended because they contain a lot of water and are easy to lose weight.

Day 2: You can eat any vegetable as often as you want, be it cooked or raw. But, eat a medium-sized potato with a teaspoon of low-fat butter for breakfast.

Day 3: All fruits and boiled/raw vegetables except bananas and potatoes are allowed throughout the day.

Day 4: On the fourth day, you can eat only bananas and milk. A recommended serving size is six to eight large bananas and three glasses of skim milk.

Day 5: Six whole tomatoes and 280 grams of chicken or fish. Brown rice or cottage cheese can be substituted with meat for vegetarians. You should drink more water.

Day 6: You can eat as many vegetables as you want, especially spinach, but no potatoes. While vegetarians can eat chicken or fish, vegetarians can only eat brown rice or cottage cheese (280 grams). Water, water, and more water.

Day 7: You can eat brown rice or half chapati, fruit juice, fruits and vegetables on this day.


On each of these seven days, you should walk 45 minutes. If you feel weak, stay away from any strenuous exercise regimen.

Avoid beans, sugar and high calorie drinks. Black tea, herbal tea, and unsweetened coffee are all acceptable beverages.

After the Diet

After a week of following the GM diet plan, it is recommended to have a high protein and low carbohydrate intake. Avoid junk food as it can make you gain weight again.