What does it mean to feel beautiful from inside out?

  1. Tea bags for puffins under the eyes left

After you drink your green tea and waste the pack, wait. These tea bags can be cheap beauty hints for puffins around girls' faces and eyes۔ Green tea includes antioxidants known to reduce oxidative stress on the skin. I am here. Place the bag on your eyelids, relax for 5-10 minutes, and turn on the music when the tea bags do their magic.

2. Well cleaning

Toner removes dirt, dust and grinder throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to know the type of skin before buying a regular face wash. If you have skin oil, you need a gel-based cleanser that removes more oil without disturbing your skin pH balance. For dry skin, we recommend using a facial wash that contains moisturizing ingredients.


If you want to feel the blessings of nature on your skin, we recommend Ute face wash. Made of turmeric, walnut pearls, carrot seed oil, and saffron, it leads to beautiful skin with natural ingredients. It is highly nourished, does not interfere with the barrier of natural skin and is suitable for all skin types۔ Walnut pearls also improve dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh and radiant.

3. Use of toner

Toner helps dry, dim skin. These products help maintain the skin's pH balance, promote hydration and clean deep-seated impurities without removing the essential oil skin. This means that the toner will not bother your skin. Instead, keep your skin moist and be ready to absorb the product in the post-cleaning ritual۔ Addition. Designed with the strength of niacinamide, witch hazel, aloe Vera and citric acid to provide clear, healthy skin with each use۔ Use after cleaning to remove free radical damage and clear extended holes. And tighten with a moisturizing formula. It works equally well on all skin types because it does not contain hard chemicals.

4. Moisturize well

 All skin types, including oil skin, require moisturizers to stabilize the natural skin barrier. The application of moisturizers that raise the body and face can help prevent severe weather conditions and environmental stress. Protect your skin. Not using moisturizers means invasive problems such as skin dryness and slowness, and further symptoms of premature aging ، So he recommends using one before bed. to.


Honey Malay Cold Cream provides old skin care secrets in a non-fat formula to brighten the skin. Contains honey and malice, powerful moisturizers that lock moisture in the skin. This face cream gives your skin a healthy milky glow, making this butter soft, smooth and radiant. Honey Malay Cold Cream doesn't even stop there because it's Medes certified.

5. Soft hair cleaning

Chemical treatments can damage straight hairs. Environmental aggressors also contribute to hair and scalp damage and cause premature grinding. Instead, turn into natural products that help maintain your scalp pH and soften hair capillaries. Water ( or rice soaked in water for 24 hours ) can be used to strengthen the scalp and add brightness to the hair. Rinse hair problems with goodness. This helps improve the hair structure by adding flexibility, increasing volume and giving it a healthy shape. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fermented rice water is a valuable component of East Asian that strengthens hair roots and repairs bad hair.

6. Relax the lips wrapped with dry, lip balm

Your lips are part of your facial features and you do not want to ruin your shape with unhealthy lips. It doesn't matter how good your lipstick color is, if you have lip lines, it will bleed. That is why it is necessary to remove your lips from the damp toothbrush. Next, put up the nourishing lip balm on your lips so they can share moisture.

 Suggestions -

Also try our nourishing tinted 100% natural lip balm for soft, soft lips۔ 100 natural and Medes was confirmed to be gently dry, silenced to chip lips. Enriched with cherry, coconut oil, vitamin E and caster oil to help reduce the damage caused by free radicals and skin damage۔ Natural lips with vitamins A and E.

7. Balanced nutrition

The diet has a direct effect on the skin structure. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help young people get visible skin and enhance their natural beauty۔ Skunkier experts suggest fresh fruits and vegetables for faster skin. It is also recommended to eat. If you are not good at eating raw fruits, drinking juice can meet the nutrients needed for beautiful skin.

8. Stay hydrated

When you are hydrated, your body naturally eliminates toxins. It is also known to improve skin elasticity and reduce symptoms. 

 9. Get good night's sleep

Good night's sleep is not a vague term. This is because your skin goes into repair mode during your sleep. During this time, increased blood flow and better collagen synthesis for healthy skin are important. So make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

10. Steam face

Steam face is a home treatment that cleans and nurtures the skin at the same time. It opens the hole in the deep layers of the skin and loosens the dust reservoir. So if you want big results without going to the spa, it can help. Hot water and sweat weaken the blood vessels and promote blood circulation. This will give the skin oxygen and it will get a healthy glow.